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Features & Benefits

Advanced Base Layer technologies differentiate Polarmax® products from the competition. Our line is updated with styling that delivers comfort and versatility for the range of winter activities you enjoy. Whether you’re hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hunting or whatever your sport may be, there’s a Polarmax® base layer that’s right for you.

Acclimate® Dry is exclusively featured in all Polarmax® fabrics, keeping people dry and warm during cold weather activities. Our garments are specifically designed to match a variety of climate extremes: Warm: Lightest-weight, Warmer: Mid-Weight, and Warmest: Heavy-Weight. This allows you to select base layers that accurately match your level of activity and climate condition.

A heavier weight fabric does not necessarily mean that the garment will be warmer. Garments that do a better job at trapping air can be better at keeping you warm than a heavier garment. Our Double Layer products have a lighter weight fabric than some of our other base layers. They keep you warmer than our Single Layer  products due to our warmth trapping technology in the two layers of fabric.

Polarmax offers a wide range of styles and colors so you can select the one that best suits your needs.


Polarmax Odor Blocking

Polarmax's fabrics are treated with a proprietary fabric treatment for odor prevention that allows you to wear our base layers for extended periods of time without offensive odor.



Polarmax Acclimate Dry

The base layer of clothing for any winter sports activity helps keep you dry and warm.

Our Technical Base Layers with Acclimate® Dry are designed to be the highest quality, most comfortable and best performing layering systems for all climate conditions. Acclimate Dry fabrics offer superior wicking, breathability, and quick drying time.

Acclimate® Dry performance fibers wick and dissipate perspiration and moisture away from the skin, so during down time, the body stays warm and dry.

Acclimate® Dry Performance Fibers

  • Wicks Moisture Away from Skin
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathes
  • Easy Care – Wash & Wear

 Four Way Stretch

Products with spandex have four-way stretch that give an very comfortable, next to body fit.