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Keep warm, get stuff done.

Polarmax base layer clothing is built to handle the elements.

When you are working hard in ice-cold temperatures, your thermal wear shouldn’t get in the way. You need something comfortable that will keep you warm. That’s where our specialized thermal clothing comes into play.

You can trust our well-designed, durable base layer clothing because it comes from a company with over three decades in the business. We make it our personal goal to provide customers with the exact clothing they need to work outdoors in lower temperatures. With our thermal base layer clothes, it’ll be much easier to get out there and get stuff done, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

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    Double Layer for Cold Conditions

    Polarmax's double layer thermals feature a unique construction with two layers of fabric connected back to back. This design creates open spaces between the layers, which effectively trap and hold warm air. The result is exceptional insulation that keeps you cozy and comfortable in any weather. To enhance performance, these thermals are expertly manufactured using Acclimate Dry fibers. These innovative fibers actively transport moisture away from your skin, ensuring that you stay warm, dry, and incredibly comfortable throughout the day.

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    Merino Wool for Cold Conditions

    By skillfully combining pure Merino wool with Acclimate Dry fibers and spandex, Polarmax has created the ultimate Merino wool thermals. These midweight base layer hybrids guarantee optimal warmth, comfort, and unrestricted mobility at a reasonable price. Experience the unbeatable comfort and performance of Polarmax's innovative design today!

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    Microfleece Mountain Weight

    The microfiber polyester yarns used in our micro fleece thermals are what make this fabric super soft to the touch. If your family is looking for billowy warmth without the weight, our micro fleece long underwear is the most durable and breathable option on the market for you. Made with high-quality microfiber polyester yarns, our micro fleece thermals provide unparalleled softness and comfort. Experience billowy warmth without the weight, thanks to the superior durability and breathability of our micro fleece long underwear.

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