Collection: Merino Wool Thermals - Midweight Warmth

Polarmax has made the ultimate Merino wool thermals by combining pure Merino wool with Acclimate Dry fibers and spandex. This has created a Merino wool heavyweight base layer hybrid that is warm, comfortable, and easy to move in. The natural yarn used in our Merino wool long underwear is inherently thermal retentive. It traps air in its fibers, keeping insulating warm air close to your body. The natural wicking properties of the Merino wool thermals are enhanced with our Acclimate Dry fibers so moisture is rapidly transported away from your body.

  • Acclimate Dry hydrophobic yarns
  • Midweight warmth, relaxed fit
  • Acclimate Dry Icon

    Acclimate Dry +

    Keeps you dry, warm and comfortable with our exclusive Acclimate Dry+ technology enabled by hydrophobic yarns that move moisture away from your body.

  • Polarmax Odor Blocking

    Odor Blocking

    Enhanced freshness and odor control - guaranteed for 20-30 washes.

  • Four way stretch

    Four-way Stretch

    Hugs your body and moves with you -- no extra bulk, improved performance.

  • Polarmax Warmer Icon

    Merino Wool Midweight Warmth

    67% Polyester, 28% Merino, 5% Spandex; 175 gsm

    Merino gets is warmth from our blend of Acclimate Dry+ and Merino Wool. The hollow fibers in wool trap air to keep you warm.

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