What To Wear When Camping This Summer and Fall

What To Wear When Camping This Summer and Fall

What To Wear When Camping This Summer and Fall

As summer comes to an end and autumn begins, people stop spending time outdoors due to the cooler weather. However, if you wear the right clothing, you don’t have to spend less time outside. In fact, fall is perfect camping weather for most people.

That’s why we’re here to go over what you should wear during your next camping trip, either at the tail end of summer or the beginning of fall. That way, the outdoor fun doesn’t have to stop.

A Brimmed Hat

Let’s start with something that will protect both your head and face in the great outdoors: a hat. One with a brim, whether it’s a baseball cap or a sun hat, will be your best option this time of year. Even in the fall, the sun can burn and damage your skin, so it’s always a good idea to use a hat for sun protection.

As long as the hat isn’t too thin, it’ll be able to keep your head a bit warmer than normal on those cool autumn nights. Switching to a winter hat will be the best option if it gets too cold out.

Either a Vest or Light Jacket

Those early mornings out in the wild can get quite chilly. That’s why you need to pack a vest or light jacket that will keep you warm until the sun brightens up the day. The main thing to avoid here is heavy coats. Not only because they’ll be overkill for the cooler temperatures, but they will also be a pain to carry around during the day once you’ve shed it. The lightness of vests and jackets makes them easy to wrap around your waist or stuff in a backpack.

A Solid Base Layer

A warm enough base layer might make a jacket unnecessary. You can never go wrong with a cotton long-sleeved shirt, but if you really want to make sure you stay warm during the chilly nights and cool during the day, a set of base layer clothing will be your best bet. They will keep you warm in colder weather while wicking away any sweat you produce in the heat.

A Rugged Pair of Pants

Since we’ve mostly covered the clothing you’ll need for the upper half of your body, let’s talk about the lower half. A late summer or early fall camping trip would be incomplete without a few scenic hikes. No matter where this long trip takes you, we’re sure you’ll walk through thick underbrush at some point. Shorts won’t protect your legs very well. Also, we can’t forget all the bugs that would be more than happy to take a bite out of you.

That’s why you need rugged pants for your camping trip. They will fully protect your legs in the wilderness and keep you warm once it gets cold. Jeans are usually a safe choice, but plenty of other well-built pairs of pants are made specifically for the outdoors.

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