The Importance of Wearing Base Layers for Outdoor Work

The Importance of Wearing Base Layers for Outdoor Work

Whether you’re working in heat or snow, you know how weather conditions can make it almost impossible to comfortably work outdoors. The cold can cause joints to become stiff and painful, making movement difficult. You can also sweat in the cold, leading to possibly life-threatening situations.

Because of this, you may have heard others talking about how great base layering is. But what exactly is the importance of wearing base layers for outdoor work?

Base Layers Keep You Dry

As mentioned, if you work outdoors, you’re going to sweat even if it’s cold outside. That trapped moisture is dangerous and can lead to hypothermia very quickly, even if you’re wearing warm clothing. Not only that, but snow and slush can also become trapped against your body; even if it doesn’t lead to hypothermia, it’s just plain uncomfortable. The right base layers can help that moisture evaporate quicker and more efficiently, mitigating the dangers of hypothermia and making outdoor work more comfortable.

Base Layers Can Keep You Warm and Cool

While it may not seem like much, even midweight thermals can help significantly retain warmth and body heat. In addition to preventing moisture from keeping you cold, the double layers trap air for more warmth. This essentially acts as an extra layer of insulation, helping your body retain heat and working in tandem with the rest of your winter clothing. If temperatures tend to fluctuate throughout the day, you can remove outer layers while still wearing the base layer, as its breathability and lightweight nature make it easy to wear in warmer conditions.

Base Layers Keep You Comfortable

Outdoor work is hard, and it’s no secret that hard work can get uncomfortable. Because of this, you want to do everything you can to stay as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. There’s no reason why you should suffer from wet, cold, and unpleasant conditions. That’s what makes wearing base layers for outdoor work so important—you don’t have to suffer or put yourself in dangerous weather conditions to get the job done. With the right thermals, you can stay dry, warm, and comfortable all day long.

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