The Dos & Don'ts for Layering Your Clothing for the Slopes

The Dos & Don'ts for Layering Your Clothing for the Slopes

Whether you're enjoying your anniversary, taking the family out, or on a business trip, you want to enjoy the slopes, not suffer from the cold. Without the right equipment, things can turn from uncomfortable to outright dangerous. If you're a first-time skier or need a refresher course on the basics, here are the dos and don'ts for layering your clothing for the slopes.

Do: Use the Appropriate Thermal

Thermals come in single and double layers to provide the proper protection for your needs. A single layer will keep you warm, but a double layer will keep you warmer in harsher conditions. Not only will your thermal keep you warm, but it should also wick away sweat and allow it to evaporate in the air pocket your insulating layer creates–which we'll discuss later.

Don't: Wear Wet Clothing

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when we say wet clothing, we mean no wet clothing, including socks, underwear, or anything on your body. This doesn't just apply to snow or water either; this also applies to sweat. If you're sweating, your clothes will get cold, and so will your midsection and, subsequently, your core. If your clothing gets wet or you're sweating profusely, we recommend going inside and changing for your safety.

Do: Wear an Insulator

As mentioned earlier, your insulating later creates a pocket of air close to your body, allowing your body heat to warm up that immediate air and keep it there. It also leaves a space between the thermal and your mid-layer so your sweat can evaporate. For the cold conditions of the slopes, a fleece, topped with a light-down jacket, will do wonders in keeping you warm.

Don't: Forget the Accessories

Your feet, hands, and head will lose the most heat the fastest, so remember to protect them as well. Warm but breathable socks, like merino wool socks, can keep your feet warm and prevent them from sweating. Gloves and hats that cover your ears should also be a priority, especially with how painful cold hands and joints can get. Lastly, snow goggles are non-negotiable! They're critical to protecting your eyes from snow blindness, so don't forget them.

Do: Grab Your Weatherproof Shell

Your weatherproof shell will protect you from the snow and wind by keeping it off your layers. This layer is less for keeping you warm and more for keeping out the cold. Your layers are working hard to keep you warm, so the last thing you want is for snow to get in through your collar and drop your core temperature. A good weatherproof shell should allow you to make adjustments so you can pull it tighter around your ankles, wrists, and neck.

Now that you know how to layer your clothing for the slopes, you're ready to take on the summit and enjoy your ski trip. But remember, the first rule is to find a good pair of thermals, and that's where PolarMax has you covered. Here, you can shop by warmth or size, and don't worry; we have women's thermals too. With us, you can be confident that you’re equipped to tackle the slopes.

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