The Benefits of Moisture-Wicking Clothing

The Benefits of Moisture-Wicking Clothing

Moisture-wicking clothing works by allowing moisture to be pulled from the inner layer of the material to the outside, which lets sweat more easily evaporate. While it may seem counterintuitive, it's actually the evaporation of sweat that provides you with a cooling sensation during a workout. But is investing in moisture-wicking clothing really all that worth it?

To help answer that question, this article will review the benefits of moisture-wicking clothing.

Makes Being Active More Comfortable

The last thing you’ll want to focus on during strenuous activity is how uncomfortable you are. You also don't want to have to worry about the risk of giving yourself heatstroke or hypothermia. But the right fabric can help reduce the likelihood of either. Because moisture-wicking clothing prevents sweat from clinging to you and your clothes through temperature regulation, it makes being active much more comfortable.

Prevents Excessive Heat and Cold

As previously mentioned, moisture-wicking clothing allows your sweat to more easily evaporate which generates a cooling effect. When you wear other types of fabric while active, such as cotton, it is much more likely to cling to your body, trapping the heat against your skin and preventing airflow. This is a huge contributor to overheating.

Additionally, if your sweat can't evaporate while you’re exercising or working outside in cold weather, you’ll end up trapping a layer of moisture in the fibers of your clothing. This can make your skin and the fabric you're wearing even colder. In the right conditions, this can quickly lead to hypothermia.

Reduces Odor and Prevents Fungus

It's no secret that sweat can cause your body to smell. Additionally, that clinging moisture makes a great environment for fungus to grow—and not just on your feet or hands—especially if you're working in dirty conditions. If you produce a strong body odor after strenuous activity, moisture-wicking clothing can help prevent it from lingering in your clothes and keep your clothes clean of potential fungi.

Now that you know the benefits of moisture-wicking clothing, what's stopping you from making your life a little more comfortable? Polarmax sells lightweight thermals designed to keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather condition you're in.

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