Reasons Fleece Is Great for Colder Climates

Reasons Fleece Is Great for Colder Climates

If you don’t wear the right clothing, you can still sweat in the cold, even if you’re not active. Sweat too much, and you’ll only become colder. And once you’re cold and wet, you risk hypothermia. For these reasons, you need to layer clothing with fabric that will keep you warm while allowing sweat to evaporate. Fleece is a fantastic option for those looking to achieve this—but what exactly is fleece, and why is it so great to wear in colder climates?

What Is Fleece?

Manufacturers typically create fleece from polyester. To make the fibers, manufacturers melt polyethylene terephthalate (PET) beads into a thick, syrup-like consistency. Once melted, machines extrude the material through tiny holes known as spinnerets, which, when cooled, harden to form long threads.

When sewn together, special machines cut both sides to create what is known as a pile surface. This special surface creates tiny air pockets, and because the fibers are essentially plastic, they can’t absorb moisture.

What About Micro Fleece?

Fleece and microfleece are very similar as they go through the same process of melting and spinning. However, the holes of the spinnerets are a bit different, which helps them produce thinner strands. These strands are thinner than silk, which makes microfleece very lightweight and soft, especially when cut to make the pile surface. In comparison to other fleece fabrics, microfleece is the most comfortable for cold outdoor activities.

What Makes Fleece So Great?

We know what fleece is, but what makes it so great to wear in colder climates? When cut into a pile surface, the strands raise and create tiny pockets of air. These air pockets trap body heat and keep it close to the skin while keeping cold air out. Additionally, fleece fibers are essentially plastic, which means they cannot absorb moisture. While fleece isn’t waterproof, it is water-resistant. It won’t stand up to torrential downpours, but it will prevent sweat from drenching your clothes, which is what makes you cold.

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