Differences Between Light, Mid, and Heavy Thermal Weights

Differences Between Light, Mid, and Heavy Thermal Weights

If you’re someone who tends to stay active outdoors when the weather starts to become colder, then you’ll need to make sure you have the right type of clothing. Thermal gear is usually the best option for your needs, but it can be difficult to choose between light, mid, and heavy gear. We’ll clear up the differences between them today. No one should have to deal with the cold due to this confusion.

Lightweight Thermals

If you enjoy light jogs in the late autumn or late-night outdoor games, then lightweight thermals are the best choice for you. They will keep you perfectly warm in brisk weather but not too warm for when you’re working up a sweat. Plus, if you are getting hot, these lighter options wick any moisture you’ve accumulated off your body, making them perfect for strenuous activities.

Of course, you’ll want your clothes to be form-fitting to take advantage of such a feature, which is why we offer a line of thermals for women. Women’s thermals perfectly conform to your body. Most unisex options don’t have the ability to do that.

Midweight Thermals

If the temperatures haven’t dropped below freezing yet, and you don’t plan to work up a sweat, then midweight thermals might be a better choice for you to look into. They are the proper middle ground between light and heavy options. They are thick enough to keep you warm while still having a good amount of breathability so you don’t overheat. When in doubt, midweight thermals are the best all-around choice.

Heavyweight Thermals

The final choice in our guide to the differences between light, mid, and heavy thermals is, of course, the heavyweight option. Heavyweight gear is ideal for those of you who live in areas that experience harsh winters.

While they don’t wick away sweat as well as the lighter options, they make up for it by containing extra insulation that keeps you warm when it’s well below freezing outside. If you’re someone who works outdoors all year long or likes to go on winter hunting trips, this option will be the best one for you.

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