5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Stay Warm During Winter Sports

5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Stay Warm During Winter Sports

Whether you’re watching indoor winter sports like hockey or ice skating or at an outdoor game, dealing with the frigid temperatures can make things uncomfortable for everyone. You should be able to enjoy the fun and camaraderie with your family and feel your fingers and toes at the same time! To help you combat the cold, let’s take a look at five ways you and your kids can stay warm during winter sports.

Layer Up

The best thing you can do to keep warm is to layer up, but that doesn’t mean piling on as much clothing as you can. There’s a science to layering that provides you with protection from the cold while circulating your body heat to keep you warm and comfortable. The whole family needs to stock up on three layers:

  • Thermals for your base layer
  • An insulator for your middle layer
  • A weather protector for your top layer

Bring on the Heat

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are so many ways to bring the heat with you on game day. If you haven’t invested in a portable heater, you’re missing out on being the most comfortable person in the arena. Hand and feet warmers are also musts, and heated stadium seats can protect you from the ice-cold blocks otherwise known as bleachers. If you really want to get fancy with it, you and the little ones can snuggle up under a portable heated blanket or use rechargeable hand warmers.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

While layers are going to do wonders to help keep you warm, you can’t forget to protect your feet, face, and hands. Earmuffs, toques, and neck garters can help protect your ears, nose, and lips, and depending on how cold it is, you may want to layer up on gloves. Warm socks are a must, but be careful! If you layer too much, your feet will just end up sweaty and uncomfortable.

Warm Drinks Are a Must

Tea, hot chocolate, coffee, or even soup can help you warm up from the inside out, and a thermos will help you keep your sippable sunshine hot throughout the game. If you really want to keep yourself warm, eat a full meal before you go. Your body needs energy to digest food, and the energy your body spends to do so raises your body temperature. However, you don’t want to eat or drink too much—you might end up having to take your little one to the bathroom and miss an awesome play!

Move Around

Cheer, dance, wave your arms around, or stand up and walk around the sidelines! However you decide to do it, one of the best ways to keep you and your kids warm during winter sports is to stay active and moving. When you move, you burn calories, and when you burn calories, you make body heat.

Whichever way you and the family decide to beat the cold at your next sports game, remember that your first and best strategy is to layer up. At Polarmax, we have what you need to get started. We sell youth thermal underwear so everyone, including your kids, can enjoy the fun of winter sports.

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