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4 Layering System Builds for Fall Hunting

Even though autumn is the best time of the year for hunting, this season makes it pretty difficult to dress appropriately for the weather. You can quickly go from hot afternoons to chilly nights. If you plan on being outdoors most of the day but don’t bring the right clothing, you’ll be in for a bad time. That’s why you need to know which layering system builds are best for fall hunting.

Merino Wool

One of the best layers to use when hunting is one made of merino wool. This material is a bit thicker than others, making it a good option for those colder fall days. However, it’s also naturally odor-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about your sweat scaring off prey or your hunting buddies. This characteristic is due to the wool’s thinner threading, which makes it a lot harder for bacteria to latch onto the fibers.

Another significant plus is the fact that this fabric retains most of its insulation value when wet. This means that if you’ve been sweating a lot or it’s lightly drizzling, you won’t get too cold when the temperature drops. If merino wool sounds exactly like what you need, check out the ones we have in our men’s thermals section of our site.


Of course, there are still plenty of other layering system builds you can use during the fall hunting season. Another noteworthy choice is synthetic clothing. Shirts made of synthetic materials such as polyester will dry up quickly. Whether it’s a hot day and you’ve been sweating a lot, or you somehow end up in the nearby river, these base layers will dry in no time. Synthetic fabrics are also much more durable than merino wool, making them a better option when pushing your way through rougher terrains.

Rain-Resistant Gear

Even though the previous two options handle water quite well, neither of them will work as well as a quality set of rain gear on muggy days. Even if you put a lot of effort into going out on days with little to no rain in the forecast, the weather is notoriously unpredictable. Nothing is worse than calling a hunt short because everyone is soaked.

Bringing a top layer made specifically to block out water is a must on long hunting trips. Even if you don’t wear rain gear every trip, you should at least bring it and leave it in your truck.

Insulated Material

As we get deeper into the autumn season, days and nights will become much colder. Even though these layers will all help keep you warm, especially when you’re wet, none of them will work as well as clothing made specifically to insulate your body heat.

Whether the clothes are made with synthetic blends, receive a chemical treatment, or simply use down feathers, they will do an excellent job of keeping your body heat inside of your clothing. When the sun goes down and the temperature begins to drop, you’ll need this type of clothing to keep yourself safe through the night.


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