Reuseable PMX Mesh Bag
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Ok so you own this mesh what? THE SKIES THE LIMIT BABY!!!

While you can do whatever you want to, here are a few good ideas to help you retask this PMX bag.....and a few terrible ones!!



  • Holding Change
  • Holding Golf Balls
  • Holding Bad Mitton Birdies
  • Holding Charger Chords (they will still get tangled, no matter what you do!)
  • Holding Loose French Fries (yes we have tried this and yes it is awesome!)
  • Strain Paste...wait what? Yes it does sound terrible but in a pinch..IT WORKS!


  • Holding Broken Glass
  • Transporting Sand
  • Holding Actual Birdies like the chirp chirp kind
  • Carrying water to put out a fire...geez that is a terrible idea lol!



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